minor flaw in the log - wro all time entry for average calor


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hi, just want to report a minor flaw in the log - the all time entry for average calories per day:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/areufg6e75zbq ... a.png?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/2bw7zvvgau1kx ... b.png?dl=0

Played on windows7, newest update of the game (3.02?)

It's my 2nd game, both stalker modes, in the first one I got killed practically right away, as I remember I didn't even have time to eat. Still I did some running before the wolf got me (without any weapon, didn't even get to any location...)

So, the 2nd game stats are actually the only ones with relevant stats. This reflects on all the stats (although it probably shouldn't, given some time spent outdoors and fighting, unsuccessfully, one wolf, which is not recorded in the alltime as well), but the average calories per day differ greatly! Even if I did intake PLENTY of food prior to dying 1st time, which I didn't, the average should not be affected (simply cause it's average, and not highest)

Anyway, thanks a heap for this great game, half the time I'm freezing to death: 4 hypothermias, 6 blizzards survived outside (countless slept over), got through three major locations without finding a hatchet (5th day) or knife (3rd day), still no rifle or flares found, jeans and socks got worn cause neither location had a sewing kit (5th day)... still alive though, hoping to make the deerskin pants asap cause I'm running half naked around!

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