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Hey guys,

So i though it might be cool if you could set up like a tent (if you found one) or build a survival shelter after collecting enough wood. Might require adding collectibles like tarps or parachutes or even fern branches (which could also have degradation stats so the longer you have them the less cover they give you). Obviously they would need build times and a tent could be like 15 mins and that could increase depending on wind and stuff whereas a survival shelter takes longer so you have to plan and put it up during the day. Thought it might be good, it obviously wouldn't give you the same temp boost as sleeping inside would but it could be enough to survive the night. It could even go as far as the tents having a food container and if you didn't put any food you had on you in there it had a certain percentage chance of attracting bears and wolves, but that's possibly going a bit far.

The ability to build a more permanent shelter would be good too. Like a log cabin type deal that at first didn't really do much but you could then collect clay and mud and stuff and if you didn't use it soon enough you'd have to melt snow and use water so you could patch up holes. I dunno if that's all a bit too much but i though it might add another layer to the game, not just surviving but thriving.

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I'm not interested in building log cabins... there's already enough in the game. Related Trivia -- traditionally, moss is used as chinking between the logs rather than clay and mud as you suggest. In the winter, most moss is under the snow, so you would have to dig to get it (or melt with fire). Or, you could collect moss that's on trees above the snow (but this would also take a lot of time--much more moss grows on the ground, at least in most forests).

A campsite with a snow shelter or tent might be interesting. Currently I think there are too many better lodging options, but if that changed then it would be fun to have an outdoor basecamp.

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