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So, a discussion I was having, with a fellow outdoorsman, is that it would be cool if, in the sandbox version, you could have a sort of coop game, with up to 4 players. Here are some of the ideas for this:

First, without a valid way to save progress, this game is a sort of "one and done" deal for some of us. If I have an hour to play, I will. But, I have to then quit, to take care of real life problems. So, next time I play, I essentially replicate my experience, over and over. Adding a couple friends into the game, would make it a little more dynamic.

Second, this could actually increase game time. Particularly with the open play style in sandbox. If you had 3 other players, lets say they all started on different maps (provided they all interconnect, and I dont know if they do), then, you could institute trading amongst players. You could hunt in a pack, if needed. Essentially, your survival time COULD increase. I would prefer the random spawning, as is now, for each, so long as they could, somehow, link up, if so desired. Not an open world with unlimited join options, just small parties, up to 4. Whether you want to cooperate, loot each other, or try to see who lives longest, is entirely up to the party.

What are the chances of there being a revision in the future allowing this?

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