Game keeps crashing at random intervals:


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So i finally got a decent day to start playing and loaded up my Mystery lake run and went through a little bit, ended up getting to the unnamed pond and went in the shack there as the wind started to pick up. I stayed in the shack all day and night and started getting my things set up and ready, dropping off gear i didn't need, things i couldn't carry and went out the door. And then the game just crashed and sent me back to the xbox home screen.

So i uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and decided to try a new game on coastal highway. Made it to a car for the early morning to get out of the wind and wait for the light, traveled down the road a little was hugging the rack face to get a bit of wind shielding and made it to yet another shack and once again decided to hunker down till the blizzard blew over. Upon a few hours of sleeping and i get ready to start my adventure into the wastes and head out of the door, back to the xbox home page again with the game sitting as though i exited the game again.

I don't know if this is a problem that has happened for pc or if it's just a reoccurring bug that has just plagued my xbox. But it seems to only happen in shelters during blizzards for me. Trying to leave a shelter after a blizzard has passed seems to crash my game. At least that what is seems like to me.

I tired putting as much detail into this as i could to help out if it is a problem in general. Hope it helps out in a way and if any suggestions are always welcomed.

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