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I'm relatively new player The Long Dark. I havethis game four days now. I played so far several scenarios, but now it occurred to me a few observations. Well even Noob something may not fit. In addition, I did'nt read the proposal of predecessors in this forum (catch up on the backlog). I just wanted to get my freshness attention of beginner observation. I present my list of options that can be entered in a game that could spice up the gameplay.

01. Hunger - progress bar much slower than that of water (eating 5kg of meat per day to satisfy hunger is idiotic even in winter taiga)

02. The salt - for the preservation of meat without grilling

03. The bark of birch / oak - to tanning

04. The leather under the influence of heat from the fireplace dry quicker

05. Thermal underwear

06. Changes of underwear

07. Put the two shops (for salt, thermal underwear etc.)

08. Difficult days for women (periods)

09. Spisa / Runk - a new pole weapon to hunt for bear

10. New animals (raccoon, fox) that can be converted into a scarf or hat

11. Roasting involved much more time than now

12. Snowshoes for faster walking on snow

13. Primitive sleigh / drag to transport (branches used not only to break on the twigs)

14. Something to do with moronic limitation of 30kg (i think 45~50kg is best option)

15. There are people who manage to survive 1000 days in this game. Maybe some seasons then?

16. Hygiene is also needed

17. More recipes

18. Furniture with useful functions not only as a source of fuel or textiles

19. Other types of plants. Multi-purpose timber, fruit collection (eg. oak wood for hard wood objects, oak bark, acorns)

20. Use the ashes of the fires (leaching intestines and hides)

21. Plastic containers that you can take with you (used for leaching or loot managing)

22. Possibility of building a simple external structures made of wood (drying, grill)

23. The leather must be crafted (tanning / leaching) not only dried

24. Maybe enter dressing up for the 'onion' (an obvious practice in cooler climates) - many layers of clothes

There is much more, but i think this is general things i want to see in game.


I don't want this game was easy, I want that it is not boring. I don't want a big axe to cut down all trees. I'm not looking for another firearms (pistols, shotguns) or crossbow. I wish things consistent with the logic. If I see branches and an old bedroll that I want to be able to change these items in drag. If I see a pile of cutted wood near the rails, I want to be able to process them onto spear (to ward off wolves) and with the increase skills and access to forge reprocess it to spisa (pole weapon with long blade and a metal bar). Sprain ankle is not just four hours in bed but must stick ankle in a splint and walking with padded leg for two weeks.

Completely silly idea spoilage of meat at 20 degrees cold, canned food detained under the same conditions. To be honest meat and must crumble a few days to be edible at all (enzymes and maturation of meat). Then just rub with salt and winter conditions gives them practicly unlimited time consumption.

I know that every company wants to make profit by selling a product. To gain more customers game can't be overly difficult (good times of tough games already gone long time ago), but for God's sake (appeal to developers) don't do this game for idiots, because you lose the best players who demand ever new challenges and development of toon they created.

So far my character longest-lived twenty-nine days. Could longer, but the game bored me and surprised with inconsistency (the bear ran at night to the light source - I lit the lamp). I will try again but probably will not live longer because of the lack of challenges and thereby escape motivation to continue the adventure. As at this moment, the game giving us, people who waiting realism and looking for a real challenge only a bit of true satisfaction. I would like that Hinterland product grown to the level of EVE Online (in terms of complications), or This War of Mine (in terms of the challenges) for the player (but I think this is impossible). Don't make another one bored game. Do jewel in the flood of mediocrity who mastered the gaming market.


So at last i was understand a Hinterland idea of sandbox. I know now this is not even demo. Just a place to try game mechanics and debuggin' maps. So i must appologise. My frustration fly away and I'm wait with calm for spring release of first part storyline release.

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