My wish list #1911

with hatchet

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First and main let us choose difficulty level in all aspects!!!

- how fast\slow time passes (day and night separately) - speed time

- how fast\slow the firewood burns

- how fast we get skills, stats and so on

- how much we get animals and loot on map

- time of spawning animals

- level of the animal aggression (wolf\bears separately)

- weather changer level (more snowy or stormy or shiny)

- temperature level

- more aspects

Want some skills to draw the map in game :) - then the player get for some place the map will automaticly draw new place on it with the sound of pencil. At the beginning the map is empty like "fog of war".


- we can draw map (automaticly) with pencil, charcoal and blood!

- we can find the paper and pencil on the tables, charcoal in campfire, and we can injured (automaticly draw bloody trace)

- the pencil more clear drawing, charcoal more dirty, blood appears on the map where the player was hurt

- we can redraw map if we have some already. If too many blood traces for example.

And give us QUICK (hold down button) throw the backpack in one piece!

Thanks for reading.

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