Camp Fire Timer Issues


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Where: Green barn Southwest of Pleasant Valley Farmhouse(pic attached)

What: Fires seem to have random and arbitrary burn times when utilizing sleeping bag or cooking.

When: Roughly 90% occurrence rate so far.

I utilize the southwest barn as a sort of satellite camp, so I normally keep extra wood, a sleeping bag and other essential there in case I have to stop over or use it to duck out of an unexpected storm.

Lately when I've been cooking or sleeping in the barn the campfire will show the amount of time for wood placed on it as normal; however, the actual burn time will vary. For cooking I've had a 5+ hour fire going, cooked 2 pieces of meat and it drops to 3m. I've also experienced times when it's extremely cold starting at night where I've had 9+ hours of wood on the fire but after only 3 hours of sleep I can hear the fire burn out. At first I thought it might just be the sound going out early so I tested it with various times. First getting 9+ hours of wood on the fire and only sleeping for 5 hours and then 9+ hours of wood and then sleeping for 3 hours. In both instances the fire sound went out, along with the fire even though there should have been 4+ hours of fire time left on both fires.

I attached 2 additional pics to show how and where I place the fire. Placement is reasonably consistent each time.




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