Dogs that could be trained for either hunting or labor

Jack 3ffn Bauer

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My first time writing a forum topic so please "bear" with me. Get it bear lol Anyways I've got a few creative ideas that I personally would like to see installed in the game and while this post is primarily about the dogs I will touch on some other ideas as well. Dogs! Now the fact that wolves, deer, bears, birds, rabbits, and fish are alive in the game it gives one the general idea that animals have not been affected by the calamity that has managed to kill off the humans. With that being said there are a few things that have not been taken into consideration. With all the mass death around there should be a lot of rats around, they are scavengers by nature and death brings rats in abundance. No rats! Smh Rats can be eaten, or used for bait, or have adverse affects like making you sick or destroying food stores. Just a thought, but that thought leads to making rat traps at the workbench or other traps like wolf or bear or bird trap. I'd like a change in my diet from eating old cans of food or wolf meat and some chicken would be nice lol Sorry if it seems as though my dialogue hasn't touched on the dogs yet but it's leading there. Now if animals are alive there should be cows and goats and mules or horses (will definitely return to that subject at a later date) but most especially there should be dogs, in random locations in random states of life from borderline starving and almost dead to very much alive and aggressive or feral. There are so many different mechanics that could be incorporated from training the dog to track and hunt and kill small game like rabbits or squirrels or rats. Or trained to guard and defend your person. Or also trained to be sled dogs to help with moving from location to location. The possibilities with the dogs are endless. These are just some of the ideas I have but I really think this is something that would make a great game just a little bit better.

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