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Hello everyone!

I have been playing and loving the game for about a year now (96 hours played).

After the update to unity five the game was still running fine and I didn't play much between May and November. I started playing again in November but the game makes my system shut down after between 30 and 90 minutes of playtime.

CPU is i7 4770k not overclocked and gpu is a 760 gtx. I checked if my system is overheating while playing the game, but the gpu only gets hotter than 60 C° if I tab out (due to a fps bug as far as I know). Even if I don't tab out at all the game crashes my system at some point (computer restarts not even a ctd).

I don't have such issues in more taxing games like elite dangerous or coh2 after longer playing sessions. Elite for example makes the gpu heat up to about 72C° and stays at that level.

I have recently cleaned dust from the hardware to see if it might help which it didn't.

Any help would be greatly appreciated since I very much enjoy the game. Output log attached.


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Sorry to hear you're running into these crashes - I've sent over your log for investigation, but in the mean time a couple quick questions:

Are you running the latest drivers?

Does this happen when you try running at a lower detail level?

This will help us narrow down the cause so we can get you back and playing without crashing.

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Thank you for your reply! I have recently experienced a system shutdown in another game after 3 hours of play and after starting it again it shut my system down again after just a couple of minutes so I believe it is some sort of hardware error. I guess i will have to use benchmark tools to test every hardware component now. I have the latest drivers for the gpu but I don't think TLD puts too much strain on it.

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