v.302 Crashing while opening inventory


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Since v.302 the game is crashing a lot (I mean A LOT)...

It happens when I try to open my inventory, but happened once in the loading screen too (before any user interaction with the game).

It seems to be related with the text engine, because sometimes (rarely) the letters become unrecognizable glyphs during the crash (the text appears correctly and then changes, it simply shows messed up and crash).

Sometimes there is a big delay (somewhere between half and two seconds) between hitting tab and the inventory opening, and some of this times the game crashes...

It's common that some itens (in the end of the list, never in the beginning) in the inventory doesn't show up during the crash, although all UI seems to be rendered correctly (apart from the strange glyphs).

Windows 10 Home 64

Intel i5-5200U (Intel HD Graphics 5500)


AMD Radeon HD 8500M

Radeon Settings 15.12 (no more Catalyst Control Center, thank god!)

::: ScreenShots :::

Items in the end of the list not being displayed


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From first glance it looks like you may have a corrupted install. Could you try reinstalling to see if that resolves the issue?

If after reinstalling the game still crashes could you email the log found in your game directory (ussualy found at c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TheLongDark) you can email it to skylar@hinterlandgames.com and then we can take a look to see why this is happening.

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