Random Freezes/Crafting issue


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My game used to never freeze before. I think it started freezing after the latest hotfix (.302). I even reinstalled the game to see it the issue would go away but it didn't. It seems to happen mostly inside buildings. The whole screen freezes while just moving around. I can still hear audio from walking or opening inventory but I am not able to do anything but exit the game. Once it froze while I was going through the inventory as well. It is starting to get annoying after it happened 3 times in only an hour.

I had another completely different issue as well. I was crafting boots and I had 2.5h left + 10% sewing kit. After trying to finish the boots, after 2.5h, the sewing kit was gone and I still had the same time remaining. I restarted the game and did the same thing and after that the time increased from 2.5 to 3 hours. In total, it took 2 100% fishing tackles and 18% from a sewing kit to craft one pair of boots. It seemed like every time a sewing kit or a fishing tackle broke, it went back with 3 hours. I put in 10h but the stats were as if I did only 7 except it would still wear out completely the fishing tackle.

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