Wolves (but not what you think)


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When you scare a wolf away, they come back to the area they have just been chased from far to quickly. Sometimes I've had to scare the same wolf away 2 or 3 times to get to whatever resources it was close to. They need to flee a good distance and not come back straight away to the area that a bigger predator has just scared them away from. The wolves should also be harder to scare of a fresh kill, maybe a flare wouldn't work in all cases as a deterrent, bloodlust in a wild animal is a strong drive and may override it's fear of a torch or flare, maybe you just have to kill it as best you can, or let it finish its dinner and pick over the scraps. I feel that having the wolf make the kill for you then get nothing out of it is a bit mean on them and a bit to easy for you.

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