Being Exhausted should *mean* something...


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So, I decided to see how long I could go without sleep, while still doing productive things. Started with a full health meter, and full "tiredness" meter (so, I had full energy.), only stopping to eat and drink - no sleep.

#1 make 3 survival bows (5 hours ea.)

#2 make 12 arrows (1.5 hours ea.)

#3 make rabbitskin mitts (5 hours)

#4 make deeksin pants and boots (25 hours together)

#5 make wolfskin coat (25 hours).

by the time I made the coat, I think I had been up for 3 days straight, but my health meter wasn't too bad, so I kept going!

#6 repair all non-animal skin clothing (several hours)

#7 cook all remaining uncooked meat (several hours)

#8 clean my rifle to 100% (not long)

#9 sharpen my knife to 100% (it was down to 55, so this was a few hours) + axe.

#10 melt gallons of water...

When my health got down to 5% (nearly dead), I stopped and rested for 10 hours - ahh, back to full nearly health!, and no ill consequences for staying up for nearly 100 hours straight!

I think it would help to have some kind of consequences for doing things without being adequately rested. My wolf coat, for instance, should have been terrible quality, and provided little to no warmth, since I'm sure my eyes were crossing the whole time I was "knifing" it together. Likewise, having stayed up for 90+ hours, and sharpening a knife - I probably should have sliced myself on the wrist, and bled to death from shock.

Anyhow, I won't be doing that sort of thing again, but if I tried, I'd love to have it backfire! Or that you fall asleep spontaneously for several hours while doing something repetitive (crafting, cooking, melting, cleaning/sharpening), just because you were so exhausted (more than 36 or 48 hours without sleep). Just an idea!

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