still saved game vanishing 4 months later

pas glop

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I am kind of sad, i really loved this game, but i took a break once because i kept losing saved games, came back in october cause the bug was suppose to be fixed, well what a disappointment when i lost a 165+ days game, so i quit again, and once again came back in december cause once again it was suppose to be fixed, but after a couple new saved game lost (60+ and 120+ days), left me wondering wouldn t that be the biggest concerne about a survival game that you should, must, most definitely, have to be able to save ? so took a break again, thinking since saving should be a priority it should be resolved soon. So i have been playing again for over a week now no problem, got to 97 days, with enough supplies, hides, bullets to last months, about to go check the new area, and to my great suprise my *beep* game is gone again, oh well *beep* it, i know i spent 20£ for a game that s not finished, and that it suppose to have bugs and so on, but before adding new areas or rifle cleanning supplies, shouldn t you FIXE the *beep* saved game problem after 4 months of this known issue, i really hope my 20£ will help finished this game, but i won t bother i am done, roger out.

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