Loot Spawning Bug


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Hi together and especially to the Hinterland Games Team,

In my last session I mentioned a loot spawning bug I would like to see fixed, as it messes up the game a little bit. I hope this is the right place to post this and also hope that I did not came up with an already existing problem.

When I started my save game today I mentioned that I had again some new loot in the Trappers Homestead. I found two new rifle cleaning sets, amunition and a new box of coffee which was standing half inside the already placed coffee box there on the shelf. At first I thought it would be reasoned by an update, as I didn't played since the last, but then I started the save again and found again two new cleaning sets and ammo in the Homestead, as well as a box of tea standing half in the coffee... I never mentioned some spawns like this before, so I was quite confused if this was all the time like this. So I tried again and got AGAIN ammo and cleaning sets new spawned! Now I have about 7 cleaning sets in the Homestead stored and about 25 bullets. Thats quite nice to have that much ammo but I guess this is not the way the game is ment to be played ;D

I'm looking forward for further updates and fixes. You have done a great job so far! If you have further questions to this bug just ask and I will try to answer as best as I can...



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