Bug: Unable to pick up items / open anything


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I've encountered a glitch playing on my macbook air, game bought through Steam.

I entered Coastal Heights through the ravine for the first time and upon entering coastal heights I noticed I was not able to enter a small building by clicking it.

My trackpad works fine outside the game and also loading the game. The issue only occurs in gameplay and this glitch happened mid-playing. I'm able to move around, but this glitch has halted all game play as I cannot pick up anything I find nor enter any buildings I approach.

I did not reload the game or update anything on my computer. Entering the new area seemed to be the trigger as I had been playing for an hour without any trouble, but once entering Coastal Heights the problem started.

The glitch applies to all maps and an old file as well. I've tried restarting the game as well as my computer to no avail.

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