Has the game become easier since the TM patch?


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I don't know about the rest of you survivors, but I started a new game for the TM release. Playing a crashed pilot on a map with a crashed plane adds a little more role play, however that map is crushingly sparse, so I found my way down to PV. Once there, I noticed more than few "gimmes". An archery target at the red barn with 4 arrows, a hammer, hacksaw, knife, and 2 prybars inside. I holed up for about 30 days before heading into ML, once there I found rifle ammo EVERYWHERE. 2 OUT of 4 ice fishing huts, the office, on corpses, the dam of course, trapper cabin had ammo and a practically new gun. Now folks, I'm not complaining, I'm mostly a bowman anyway but I just feel like the loot got a bit easier. The only flip is it took me a week to find a hatchet, go figure.

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