My first death


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So I bought this game a few days ago due to the Steam Christmas Sale. After a short first game to learn the mechanics, I restarted in Mystery Lake on Voyager.

I did pretty well for myself, all things considered. I settled down in the cabin by the lake and started stockpiling food and wood. After a few weeks, I'd managed to make myself some mitts and a pair of boots, and I probably could have survived for a month more.

Now, one thing that had been constantly pestering me were the damn wolves. I'd read on the forums about how they were too aggressive and numerous, and I kinda had to agree. That was probably the biggest complaint I had with the game, since they were constantly restricting my travel and were responsible for most of the food I had gathered (I'd had 8 close encounters with wolves and killed 5 of them, not to mention the deer they killed for me).

Naturally, I didn't do much exploring because of that, especially not after nearly bleeding to death after getting too close to a wolf I had wounded. There was a pack of wolves prowling on the lake and another at the derailment, and I wasn't all that good at sneaking around them.

So at the 20th day I decided to go into the forest left of the track to find a way around the derailment. The wind was pretty harsh, but luckily I had my furs. I walked for quite a while and didn't find any way around, but I did find a lookout post on my way back, with a frozen deer carcass nearby.

Since I had warm clothes, I reckoned that I could probably skin it and head back before I froze. I lit a fire next to it to thaw it up, which then promptly blew out. I should probably have taken the hint there, but being an idiot, I decided to skin it anyway.

By the time I was done, I was in the middle of a blizzard. I decided that I probably couldn't find my way back in the storm, so I ran back to the lookout post and hunkered down, trying to ride the storm out.

It didn't really work out that way. After 2 hours, I was at 20% condition and the blizzard still showed no signs of stopping. I realised that I wasn't going to survive this, so I just went out into the storm and started walking. About 5 hours after I left my cabin, I died stumbling down a hill, blinded by snow, after discovering one final location: a small, frozen creek. All because I wanted to avoid a few wolves and stayed out a bit too long.

I love this game.

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