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Most posts I have read already address what I would like to be included in the final version. I am a hard-core player, only choosing the be punished in Stalker mode. Its is more fun to build up so much only to make one mistake and die at day 69. The inability to open a save like most games makes this survival experience very immersive. Here are my wishes for a more immersive experience in Long Dark:

• Frostbite- When clothing wears out. I tried naked survival and lasted a while before hypothermia. Frostbite could speed up the process, even on weak winter protection like jeans. Frost bite effect individual body parts -

• Fractures from falls-needing splints

• Dryness- certain clothes get soaked from snow and body heat-sneaking causes gathering of snow on clothes, or no shoes, or running creates sweat which leads to hypothermia-

• More randomized appearances of animals-bears can appear anywhere at anytime instead of spawning at the same location. Wolves appear suddenly behind corners of hills (Stalker mode)

• More predators that attack like wolves in game-fox, wolverine, lynx, fisher, grizzly bears. I like the idea that normally unapproachable predators viciously attack –adds to the mystery of the geo-magnetic apocalypse.

• Other prey like caribou, chipmunks, squirrels out looking for food

• More usable plants

• Psychological effects-fear, loneliness, etc. and…

• More voice actor moments to reflect the psychological effects

• Increased range of sight for predators in the harder stalker mode

• Packs of wolves randomly running around and hunting

• Eating snow- lowers core temp, risk of sickness, but helps with hydration

• Food can freeze outside or in cold shelter and does not spoil-but can be taken by random predators

• I would like to see more randomized animals instead of the same animals spawning throughout the entire game

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