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First, I want to say that I haven't played in a while so as to give you more time to add some content. I began again after about 6 months & I am excited with the direction the game is going. If my suggestion has already been mentioned or discussed then feel free to disregard.

As I put in a fresh 10 hrs, starting from the beginning, I can see that every effort is being made in retaining the accuracy of a real survival scenario. That being said, I did notice something that could cause a thought -- As I went to "clean" (/repair) the gun, I noticed that I also had the option of unloading it. Well, isn't one of the most common gun accidents you hear of when someone cleans their gun without unloading it first? This made me wonder if that feature was included in the game --- so I cleaned my loaded gun, and nothing happened. Fair enough -- but maybe, if it isn't in there already, we could make it a very rare occurrence when the gun will accidentally go off. It doesn't necessarily have to kill you, or even damage you for that matter. The shock at what just happened, quick scare & realization that a round was just wasted would be enough to make a point IMO.

This isn't coming from some political ideology and I'm not trying to make a statement or anything, it was just a thought that crossed my mind while "repairing" my gun -- and I think that remembering to practice gun safety at all times is something that people on both sides of the argument would agree on anyway. It could even be an easter egg, with potential to generate a little PR when the public finds out about it -- maybe as just an anecdote in a review, but still. I know the first time I cleaned my gun I didn't think about it, it was the second time -- but believe me if I went to casually clean my gun & halfway through the animation I hear a loud "bang!" you can be sure that it will be mentioned at least once whenever I discuss playing the game with someone who hasn't played it yet.

Anyway, this was just a thought I had while playing that I wanted to share -- otherwise the game looks great & I can't wait to begin the 1st chapter in story mode!

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