BUG: Rifle Cleaning Kit


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Rifle Cleaning Kit

While using the Rifle Cleaning Kit, simultaneously left and right clicking with the mouse on the "CLEAN" box will cause an endless sequence of cleaning which causes game time to pass by.


- Windows 7

Steps to Reproduce:

- I was in the Lonely Lighthouse, on the first floor. I had a rifle that was about 50% with rifle cleaning kit I found right next to the pot belly stove.

- I cleaned my rifle two times by left clicking the "CLEAN" button on the Rifle actions page, and on the third time I clicked both left and right mouse buttons.

- The cleaning meter fills up all the way, but never breaks out of the cleaning sequence. The cleaning sound effects continue, the meter stays full, you can not cancel out of the cleaning sequence.

- The only way to stop is to force quit out of the game, relaunch and load from the last save point.

- The second and third time I went right for the simultaneous left and right click of the mouse button to

yield the same exact endless sequence.


- Bug was replicated 3 times, just by me, back to back, all loading the same load file each time. This was not tested on any other save file. Nor was this tested on any other sequence, such as repairing clothing, sharpening blades, or harvesting material.

- I had a fire burning in the pot belly stove and it went out, indicating to me that the game time

continues to progress while you're stuck in this loop.

I'd imagine that the continuous sequence MIGHT end if the rifle cleaning kit is completely used up, but this was not tested either. I really just wanted to continue playing :D

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