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I've figured out how to setup my Steam Client to broadcast my games.

It wasn't too difficult to setup, it's got it's own tab on the Steam settings window.

Initially I had my settings default to 'Best Quality' encoding; but I notice that when people join my broadcasts it automatically switches to 'Best Performance'. So I've adjusted my Steam settings accordingly.

Now most of the player broadcasts for TLD that I've tried to join ended up in error messages with nothing shown.

Most of the player broadcasts that I have been able to view, were playing on non-English clients. I expect that some people have set their Steam Clients to broadcast but simply do not have enough upload bandwidth to really stream anything. Either that or the feature and steam network are just a bit wonky, and Valve needs to do some more work on this feature.

Now several of the players that have joined my game broadcasts were deciding whether or not to buy the game.

Sadly I have to Shift-Tab to steam overlay in order to chat with them, so it's not always easy to chat.

Anyhow it seems to me to be a nice way to showcase the game, and help promote it.

At least one player that viewed my game had a pretty good tip for me when I was going for the 200 day achievement. And I'm sure I could learn a lot by watching other players some of the time.

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