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Hi there,

I've been playing Long Dark this morning and noticed a huge exploit, one that I have actually used JUST A BIT to get a good start.

What happens for me is this:

1) enter an interior cell, such as the trappers cabin.

2) clear the place out

3) leave the cabin and re-enter to create a save point

4) while inside and right after saving, exit the game to menu and re-load your save.

5) check out all the new items laying around the place!

The trappers cabin ALWAYS had a box of bullets (5 shots) for me along with other stuff. Did this a few times to get 25 bullets.

I know this is not the right way to play the game and I plan on not doing it again. I've even registered an account here just to make sure it's known and fixed so I truly am forced to deal with hardship instead of just exploiting bullets to start the game with.

Thanks for making such a great game! Proud to watch a group of fellow BC'rs make such a fine work of art.

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