v301 Cargo container graphical bug


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Version: 301

Map: Timberwolf Mountain

Problem: The doors on some cargo containers seem to be slowing falling into, through, and below the rest of the container making them difficult, if not impossible to open.

The doors on two of the containers in the Tail Section looked normal at first, but after a couple days, they glitched to be below the rest of the containers, meaning I had to aim into the lower wall of the containers to find the door. Now, the doors have completely fallen below the tail section. I can actually drop down to the underside of the tail section, where the frozen corpse is, and see and access the doors down there.

The two affected containers are in the Tail Section. The first is the one just inside the door on the right, laying with the doors facing up. The other is the very last one on the right, standing sort of cockeyed on it's end right next to a big flat piece of metal.

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