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I've spent 25+ years working outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. And what you folks at Hinterland have done is give me a game that actually taps into the skills I have learned and developed in my career. Simply put: amazing. Thank you thank you thank you.

Not being a computer savvy individual I really have no idea what you can or cannot do for tweaks or game changes. But here are some of my suggestions, though honestly this is a terrific game and experience already.

Tree blazing: for woodsman like myself this is an important part of location and finding one's way in adverse weather/conditions.

More wildlife: Cougars (of the feline variety), beaver, martin, grouse etc. and the corresponding crafting options for hats, scarfs etc.

Tents: could have some interesting dynamics. Do you really want to pitch a tent in a blizzard?

A Shotgun: assuming more birds are added this gives an opportunity to hunt birds, rabbits without using a .303 round or snare. Plus, I own a .303 in RL and the thought of shooting a rabbit or bird with it just makes me laugh.

An axe, one man crosscut saw and the ability to fall trees and build my own cabin: I know, it's a pipe dream but you've already exceeded my expectations so why not more?

Snowshoes: Either to find or craft. Add willow trees, sinew and bear claws and we could craft some pretty nice snowshoes. Plus I'm tired of ankle sprains.....

Do not add auto mapping: Perhaps some limited Park Board maps would be good but honestly, and I've thought about this a great deal, part of the beauty of this game is memorizing your surroundings. I worked with a guy who was incredible at this, learned from him and I find it really cool that it's important in this game.

Alcohol: Please add some whiskey with the appropriate mechanics so morons can get liquored up and freeze to death.

Flashlights: Probably not necessary but realistic that they would be around.

Binoculars: same as flashlights I suppose.

Splints: another way to help with sprains

Scurvy: I'm at 265 days and my teeth are falling out.....

More Edible Plants: The rainforest is full of nutritious plants. Even skunkweed....seriously! Huckleberry, lichens, pipe moss, shroooms (see note about alcohol).

That's all I can think of at this point. This game is really great as it is and I salute all of you that have contributed to it.

Cheers Hinterland!

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