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Ok, this has been driving me nuts for a few months now. I'm running Win 7 Ultimate (x64). Some time several months ago there was an update and after, to select anything from a menu, I have to pick the item below it. This affects the entire game, not just a single menu or list. It doesn't matter if I select a new game, or a saved one.

When I go to start and pick a saved game, the save I select isn't the one that loads, it loads the one above it.

This is the same behavior when looking at the inventory. To drink or eat I have to select the item directly below it in the same column. When adding wood to a fire or cooking food, I have to select the item below it. When boiling water I have to select "purify" at the bottom of the list. If there aren't any tablets to purify the water, then it's impossible to select boil and all I can do is melt snow.

The only exception is when there is only one thing in the column, then it can be selected directly.

It is impossible to repair or harvest anything. Clicking anywhere on the screen just toggles between the two and only the cancel button works. This is also the same when trying to refill a lantern.

Its exactly the same when trying to drop or put anything into a container, I must select the item below it.

I am always running the latest patch. So far I have deleted and completely reloaded the game several times, verified the game cache, updated video drivers, changed the resolution on the PC and within the game, started the game with the "-force-d3d9" switch, reinstalled Visual Studio C++ 2013 Redist package.

I recall before this happened I was reading about a similar bug with the GUI not lining up with the menus but once it happened to me I couldn’t find the post anywhere.

Any suggestions?

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