Sleeping bag magic


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thanks for another great update forcing me to return to the game one more time! :)

I started a new sandbox game and at some point got weird thing - someone was in my Camp Office while i was hunting, and he brought two more sleeping bags!


Does it mean that couple moving in soon and just gone for their rifle to bring it next?! :D

To be serious, not a critical thing at all, but i made a savegame archive in case you guys would want to check this.

Update: All this becoming creepy. During the next night they brought two more lanterns, placing them at first floor while i was sleeping at second!



As far as i can understand, primary item spawn trigger which has to place items once is broken for some reason and now placing them each certain period of time... I think i'll abandon this ghost house ASAP and will start a new game. However, i'll make savegame backup just in case.

Update 2: starting a new game does not remove random item spawn inside Camp Office. It is not happening every game day or night, but occasionally from time to time with different items. In my current game i got additional spawn of 2 more sleeping bags and a lantern about day 7 or 8, and additional lantern and grindstone on day 11. Naturally, items spawn randomly at their fixed positions inside Camp Office where they could be when new game started.

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