Bears,well lack of.


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Hello everyone, :D

First,thank you all for the excellent update, :D:D:D ,hope to get TM soonest. :D

FYI :o -Now not sure if this is new? continuing of a glitch? 1) my Journal does not show from day 1 to day 47. It also does not show where I've killed two wolves recently or the two very big bears :shock: ( LOL) yes the bears mauled me to 10 & 7 %, they were both dead! :roll: watch them die after I bandaged myself. I went inside to recover enough to move and go get the hides and meat,etc. both gone,in like 4 hours,and less than 24 hrs. Also,one bear after I shot it twice,came straight up through the rocks :o to me,not sure what has happen since update? might be self correcting? The blood trails are still goofy,there one moment,gone the next. So this is a FYI for the most part.

Again Thank you all for the game that has kept my interest the longest in decades,excellently done.

Thank you. :D:D:):)

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