Sandbox Alpha v.298 Issue - No Results from Sandbox Button


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So was playing this morning and everything was fine. Was in the game during the update (didn't realize it at the time) and then got out. When I went back into the game, it updated which was fine. Now no matter what I do, I can't get anything when pressing the Sandbox button on the main screen.

It just clicks and I can't see any previous save (which is fine), but I can't start a new game either. Nothing happens (other than the click sound). If I click on the Story button, it takes me to another screen. Options takes me to Options and Quit works fine.

I verified the game integrity, I uninstalled the game and re-installed it. I rebooted the computer and nothing is fixing this issue. I even tried all the display modes as well to see if that was an issue.

So nothing has fixed the issue. Any other things I should look at?

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I'd like to get you to do a couple things:

FIrst go the location below - this is where your save files are:

Windows: c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Hinterland\TheLongDark

OSX: /users/username/.local/share/Hinterland/TheLongDark

Please zip up the entire TheLongDark folder and email it to me @

Once you have done this, please delete the folder and try starting the game and see if you can start a new game.

Please let me know if that allows you to create a new game. Once I have the save files you've zipped up I can see if I can reproduce the issue (and potentially fix your saves.)

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Yes thank you. That fixed the issue by deleting everything in there. Didn't realize there is now a new save folder location. So I was removing the saves from the old location and not the new one.

Must have been a corrupted save file (it's been awhile since I've played) and that was the issue.

Thanks for getting back to me. They saves were just from this morning, but my computer was cold booted (by my girlfriend thinking my computer wasn't on when I was out for a bit and had the game just paused as I was trying to find a sleeping location to save, but couldn't before I had to leave). So guess something got messed up with the cold boot then.

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