Rabbits Run Directly Through Snares


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The rabbits run directly through the snare. I set three up side by side in a narrow channel so it was inevitable one would get caught, but they didn't. It seems as if the model of the rabbit is not programmed to interact with the model of the snare. So, whether or not you catch a rabbit seems to be determined by more of a time schedule.

This is a very common issue for me. It first caught my attention in The Ravine by the 2nd cave (closer to the really high train bridge). The screenshot I took wasn't timed properly, because of the the slight delay with the steam screenshots function (F12), but please trust me I am only trying to help. :D

It would be great if the player could corral the bunnies into a snare trap. It would add a bit of technique/realism to the whole thing.

[glow=purple]Thanks for the great game[/glow]


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