Sled, Spear & Carcass revision


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I'm sure someone has suggested this but I couldn't find a post.. so, here goes.

Sleds as a found and/or crafted item.

  • A movable container to ease graphics with a weight limit based on sled type (like other containers)
  • Downhill more dangerous and uphill more strenuous, could get run over by your sled or have it run away into a tree (possibly breaking it)
  • Crafted from guts, saplings and recycled wood (maybe some hides as well)

Spear (crafted)

  • Throw short range, more damage than arrow but flatter trajectory
  • Set spear to stop a charge, this could fend off bears and wolves but stops movement and hopes for an impalement (aim for the chest)
  • Made from sapling, knife and guts

Carcass carrying (mostly rabbits)

  • Have carcasses so you can take the whole thing away and harvest them at base (provided you can lift it)
  • Allow carcass loading on sleds (if/when that appears)
  • At minimum let me take a rabbit body home and dress it there

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