Slipping and Falling Injuries - thoughts?


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Just a couple of suggestions to throw out.

Slipping and falling

add the possibility of slipping on steep slopes and also when walking on Ice. Slipping would cause a tumbling down effect (motion blur as you fall down and rolling in the snow) injuries will depend on how much you are carrying (overweight etc). and the height (or time you are stumbling and rolling)

* You can avoid "slipping" on ice and greatly reduce the possibility of falling, by crafting "Snow shoes!" (I'm surprised wasn't added in the game) requires Fir wood, and 2-3 cured guts. Snow shoes will degrade over time due, so must be maintained.

Possible injuries that can occur from slipping and tumbling down:

- Severely sprained ankle (or leg?) Very Heavy movement penalty. Will require pills and resting 24? hours to remove the effect. Pain pills will help increase some movement. (You are literally almost hopping on one leg).

* You can craft a makeshift "Crutch" on the field. (fir or cedar wood) to also help increase movement speed some and help you get to a safe spot.

- Severely sprained wrist (or arm?) Unlike a sprained wrist, now you cannot use any tools or weapons at all. Pain pills will restore some use to allow using only tools again, but with a (2x?) time penalty for using any tools (you are down to one arm now, not two) You must also create a splint (wood + 2 or 3 bandages) and rest your arm in order for it to heal up. Rest for 24hrs? to remove effect.

- Bruising (light to heavy)- affects your total overall health. Brings your total health down to 75%-85%? and you cannot go any higher until bruising effect is gone. Pain pills help restore some health but you must rest X hrs in order to remove the bruising.

- Concussion (light and heavy) - A light concussion will cause random Dizzy spells (for 10-20 seconds of motion blurring as you move around and minor movement penalty) and Headaches/Disorientation (causes you to stop for like 10-15seconds. You lose eye focus and vision gets blurry, then camera movement all over the place, complete lack of concentration until you regain focus again). A Heavy concussion will cause all that plus Blackouts (you pass out for 30min to 1-2 hours and take health damage since you fall to the floor). Taking pills will remove the Dizzy Spell effect and slightly lessen the headaches and blackouts, but you must use bandages and rest to recover completely.

** Slipping on Ice should be a lesser effect (Sprained ankle or Wrist) with a very small possiblity of a major injury.

** heaving Slipping and falling from great heights Will cause random and or multiple severe injuries. You could also add an initial blackout time (show a "Blacked Out" Screen similiar to the resting screen) Until you regain consciousness. Then a blurry out of focus screen as you stand up slowly and regain focus, then assess your damage.


Frostbite an addition to freezing out in the cold. After you get Hyperthermia, after Xhrs of "STILL" being out in the freezing cold, you will start to get Frostbite (light to severe). Frostbite could be added as a either permanent debilitation (as a penalty for you being an idiot and ignoring mother nature), or as a longer injury to heal (cannot be "freezing" for X number of days) Penalty could be movement speed reduction or additional time modifier for using tools. Frostbite will also increase the health loss while in a freezing state.

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