Navigating by feel in the dark


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In dark places when there are no feasible light sources, I learned to navigate by feel and move very slowly.

This is, granted, hard to simulate in a game that really only allows for sight and sound, but one can usually find those things that are in hands reach, such as the bedroll, the nearby lantern, the edges of and corners of a table and so on.

I've found it easy to get lost, even in small places such as the Trapper's Homestead.

I'd like it if things within arms reach in darkness were visible enough to focus on and use, say if they were tagged with gray spots if not in focus and labeled. That way I'd be able to find a lantern or a bedroll without having to carefully scan for it.

Also, in darkness, I still should know where the horizon is, by knowing which directions up and down are. Maybe a faint gray line marking the horizon that only appears when it's really dark?

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The devs want you to light a match or use your lantern in these situations, including when the mouse spins out of control due to the way the game has been programmed. It's already been discussed elsewhere.

I set the game to medium quality in the graphics settings. It's still gorgeous but you get a little more ambient light in the dark.

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