Craftable navagation markers


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First off - excellent game! My son and I are really enjoying it. It's also nice to be able to show him a bit how nice we have it ;-)

Went through my first blizzard - I was lucky being in a place I knew well enough to navigate home by (after guessing the initial direction correctly).

Anyway, my Mom lived on a farm in Minnesota and they had a rope hung between the barn and the house to navigate by during blizzards. When mountain climbing we carried little flags in case of white-out.

I think this would make a good craftable - and make good use of that nice, bright Canadian flag ;-). It is orthogonal to other mechanics, requires planning and is another resource/effort/safety tradeoff. I'd expect them to degrade more during windstorms of course :-)

Another variant is to allow collection of stones to be made into a Cairn for more durable navigation markers. To make a proper set would require some effort but last longer. And possibly get covered in snow, for effect: ... d_snow.JPG



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