CTD on Quit, can't load save


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I played for about 26 days in-game, then quit for the first time. I had a blue-screen (win 8.1) once I quit from the main menu. I then tried to resume my game, but instead it returned me to a previous character. I'm on v.282

I see there is a "Save001" and "Save002" in the AppData folder, but I can only load my first game.

Any tips? ;)

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Hi lusciouspear,

Sorry to hear that. Please zip up and email your save files over to support@hinterlandgames.com (please include your username from the forum, as well as a link to the thread reported from).

Zip the save games directory for the game for Steam here:

C:\Users\yourcomputername\AppData\LocalLow\Hinterland\The Long Dark\save001 through save 005

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