#3144 right click does not work to use stored items


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After I take items out of inventory to be on shelves or the floor I can no longer use them. I right click and nothing occurs. I can left click and move the items around but cannot right click and use them. If I am outside I can right click and use an item right away but never after I take them inside to store for later use. I can also use the item while in inventory, but I cannot carry EVERYTHING around. Sometimes if I right click an item on the shelf or floor numerous times it may decide to let me use it, but not often. I cannot survive long in this manner. Thanks for any advice.


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Sorry to hear this is happening. I've entered the bug so we can take a look into the issue. In the meantime the best advice is to verify your steam files:

Go to your steam library

Right click on The Long Dark

Select "Properties"

Select the "Local Files" tab

Press "verify integrity of game cache"

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