Wishlist For Gibbons.


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#1. I wish Large game traps could be made, like one time use traps where they are expensive in time and items to build, but can kill wolves & deer, and injure a bear to a 6 hour bleed out time for example.

#2. Woodcutting improvements, I love the new wood foraging system, but know what'd be even better, being able to pull out your hatchet and chop the wood up literally just breaking a chunk of usable wood off after __ hits, tree falling (and seasoning of the wood) would be amazing.

#3. Home improvements, the ability to build useful things, say, a fishing pole, doors for fishing huts, charcoal cloth canisters (and the cloth of course) the ability to do more with animal hides such as bear, rabbit, and wolf, all seem to only have one use... and who like no choice in the matter eh?

#4. Shelter building: Ice holes, igloo's, wood lean-to's, huts, full blown log cabins.... yeah... that's going on gibbons list for sure.

#5 Natural dangers: Tree wells, Seasons (seasonal predator?), better bear AI one that actually defends his turf (and one that makes sitting in a car or tractor after shooting once impossible, only to get out, then in, out, in,until it bleeds out. I feel like the bear would start smashing the tractor door, and being able to grab you, not limp in circles to death.) Better wolf AI, Packs of wolves would make it so much better, ones that can be seen using teamwork to get kills, and best of all stalking the player from longer ranges for longer periods of time before they dash in to attack one by one, in which you would have to defend yourself against the whole pack. Perhaps if you kill one off the bat the pack fears you, things like that. Broken limbs, maybe you break a toe when slipping on a rock, well, no sprinting for 10 in game days now, something like that.

#6. " How in the world do you call THIS a steak, take it back and give me all the bacon and eggs you have. ... wait, wait.. I fear you misunderstood me. I think you may have heard "Give me a lot of bacon and eggs" *looks in your eyes sternly and lowers brow* I said... give me ALL of the bacon and eggs..that you have. Am I clear?"

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I forgot to add Snow depth for one of my wish's, I wish you would literally see parts of the map get buried if you were there long enough, or that you could get snowed in if you didn't keep your door path clear of snow (or keep having to clear it once in a while). I just think some way to be able to even add a temporary increase in snow depth would add a nice touch in storms of on fresh morning hunts after one, tracks could last longer and make it more beneficial for hunting as well. just some thoughts

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