Wolves: Bindable button for "fight"

Uncle Boom

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Hey Hinterland,

Would you consider working in a change to allow players to rebind the "fight" button, the one we are supposed to mash in the struggles?

Currently it takes a furious amount of clicks with my mouse, enough so that I don't really think its practical from a gameplay perspective OR a player perspective. Rather than asking you to change your work, just allow us to perform the same task with a different button.

Got brutally murdered by surprise wolves again, who didn't care at all about my torch - much less my mouse spam. Got up from the fight at 22% and another wolf was right up the road, right where I needed to go... Day 3. I'm starting to realize that TLD probably wont ever be a game I can gain satisfaction from playing well. Sure it's possible to do much much batter than I have in my PB, but being careful, slow moving, prepared, listening, watching streams for strats, learning from my mistakes... None of it is seeming to pay any dividends at all for me.

TLD has been inspiring, beautiful, and refreshing to play - but it isn't very fun for me. I still feel like the interface is in the way of my control, and that the world just doesn't give me enough information to really apply myself to the challenge... It feels like a crap shoot.

Anyway, That's just me.

Waiting for the next update - you guys should be close to finished with by now huh?

Thanks for the great work - even if I don't enjoy it as much as I had hoped when I bought it.

Yer Pal Uncle Boom

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