Bear marked as wolf in journal


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I've been spending some time on CH in the fishing huts & noticed the 1st time or two I used my roll to nap during the day, I was always awoken by the bear right outside. I started realizing, after a few more tests, that it happened every single time I tried to rest for an hour. At one point after staring me down the bear charged (I was still well inside the fishing hut) & he glitched & flew right through the hut but never made contact with me & did no damage. Although a flying bear was something to see :)

But upon checking my log book, every one of those instances I was awoken from the bear it was marked that I had been woken up by a wolf instead. Never once was I woken up by a wolf while napping in the fishing huts. Figured it was a bug & although not a huge one by any means, it does throw a wrench in things when you're referring to your log to get some very specific info on the bear & it's not there.

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