Bear acting like wolf


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Bit of a strange glitch. At the Coastal Townsite garage I made a pop shot against a close bear and tried to go inside. The sound for entering a building played, faded black as normal. Instead of loading however it kicked me back outside with a bear running in place over me. I tried to click inside a few more times but no dice, I assumed it was trying to play out the bear's cutscene. Since I was still able to move, I ran around to the other entrance but it wouldn't let me enter. The bear caught up with me, (while making wolf growls) and I died with the text "Died to wounds from a wolf attack" Or something along those lines. The important part was that it treated the bear like a wolf in terms of doing damage and the bear actually killed me instead of the usual mauling. Condition was 100% before the attack.

Died on day 360, my second try at going the full year only to die a few days short :(

Feel a little cheated on this mostly because if it had of been one or the other, I would have survived! Fighting off a wolf with a knife at 100% condition near shelter is no problem and getting attacked by a bear normally leaves me at 10%. This amagalmation however was a whole new beast :lol:

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