So, I think I've finally got the hang of things...


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I've got a pretty good (for me) run going... 3 1/2 days and counting... and I seem to be able to do this more consistently now.

This time I spawned in the middle of nowhere, and had no clue where I was. But I was lucky: it was warm out (only a couple degrees below zero--I play in metric), the sky was clear, and it was early in the morning. I wandered around a bit until I stumbled onto the hunting stand at the frozen pond. I scavenged what I could, got my bearings, and headed towards the trapper's cabin.

When I arrived at the cabin, it was like I stumbled on a pirate treasure. I've never got so much loot there before! I stuffed my face then boiled 5 or 6 litres of water and slept till the next day. When I headed out, I still had 3 1/2 litres of water and more food than I could imagine. (However, no bullets... I didn't have the safe combination this time.)

I took the "scenic" route to Mystery Lake next, missing the camp office and arriving right at the the first set of 3 cabins. No pirate booty, though. They were pretty empty. I slept off my fatigue, then stuffed my face and looted the next 3 cabins. Again, not much to be had. So I headed straight to the camp office, looting only one ice fishing hut on the way, trying to avoid the wolves.

I grabbed what was useful at the camp office, warmed up, boiled some water, and got a lot of rest. In the morning I left and headed for the dam. Normally, I follow the stream, but I thought I'd follow the tracks this time. And I arrived at the rail road tracks much sooner than I expected... I turned around and looked back: I could see the camp office. I've been stumbling along the train tracks between the derailment and the tunnel more than a dozen times, and I've never seen the camp office before.... seriously.

Anyway, just before the derailment a wolf approached me. I tried to scare him off with two flares, but he attacked me anyway. I fought him off, but I was hurt and losing blood. I looted a couple corpses on my way to the dam, only to find another wolf camping the rail bridge. I took the long way around, but he ended up finding me again. This time a flare worked, though. I ran for the shelter of the dam.

I immediately did first aid and rested. I was almost dead (7%) but stable. I started looting the dam as quickly as I could, stashing some stuff I didn't need to carry with me in one of the lockers, but I wasn't healing at all. I realized that I was carrying way too much stuff, so I dropped it all (including my flares, my water, and my lantern) and went to sleep to recover. When I woke, my condition was better, but I was dehydrated. And it was 3am and dark. I couldn't find my water, or my lantern, or my flares. I searched and searched in dark to no avail. I thought I was going to die from my own stupidity.

Then dawn came and light started coming through the windows in the dam. I found my gear, rehydrated myself, ate the last of my food, and slept until I was healthy again.

So, I'm warm, I'm well rested, and I'm hydrated... but I'm hungry as hell... I'm off to the logging camp next to look for food.

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Guest Alan Lawrance

Awesome story -- love to read these. I can picture you trying to find your way around in the Carter Hydro Dam without any light... scary thought!

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