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Rifle aiming is a too wonky. I have gotten a little better over time but still a little frustrated with the sight catching up with the gun especially during a wolf attack. Just today I had run out of bandages and happened upon a wolf. He went into attack mode and ran right at me. I thought for sure I was a goner. Thought I would bleed out after attack. Luckily he ran straight at me and I shot him about 5 feet from me. If he had juked a little bit there is no way I would have hit him. This was an exciting moment but I would have been bummed if couldn't have shot him, really bummed since I have all the vital equipment finally.

I think the wonky aiming is balanced by the deers behavior of letting you get so close. My hunting style is to get as close as I can , which is about 10 to 15 feet, and aim the rifle in front of the deers path and let him walk into the sight. Maybe if the aiming was tightened up you would have change deer behavior. That would be more like real,hunting. By the way I always have my rifle above 90% condition and I play on voyager level.

No game is perfect, but this game is,pretty close in my opinion.

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