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Recently returned to carter dam, noticed a blue toolbox and thought "what the shit, i thought i cleaned this place out?", i picked it up, but it stayed on the shelf. I clicked it 3 more times, each time picking it up but it stayed. I checked my inventory and had 4 basic tool boxes. So i logged out, and prepared to screen shot/ video this bug... but when i logged in and clicked on the toolbox i picked it up and it was no longer on the shelf. Cannot reproduce. The 4 toolboxes were still in my inventory, as well as the fifth one i picked up on re-log. It was on the bottom shelf in the far room (storage room) beside the control room. If you stand at the 3 lockers in the main room and turn around you can see the toolbox. The only way i guess to reproduce this is to keep starting new games until this toolbox spawns here, and see if you can pick it up indefinitly. I honestly don't know if it spawned there after i left the dam the first time (im early in the game this run, only on about day 75ish, playing on medium difficulty) or if i didnt notice it not dissapearing the first time i grabbed it on like day 40. Sorry for the long post about something that probably cannot be reproduced, but this is a fantastic game and just wanted to at least give a heads up. Free scrap metal may not mean much at day 80, but i know from experience at day 300 it comes in handy...

will update if it shows back up

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