Beavers! And other things


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Love the game! Here's a few things I would like to see in the future:



-I think crafting a good old Bjørnefitte (Ushanka) is a must!

-Being able to make pine needle tea

-Being able to carry rabbits and wolves with you to thaw and harvest inside

-Maybe be able to take the whole back pack off and on? And to craft a back pack from animal hides.

-Re-use empty rifle shells to make arrowheads and such. Empty hermetic cans as scrap metal?

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And a compass. They should work again when the geomagnetic storm passes right?

I've also been thinking that it should be possible to harvest curtains, mattresses, couch cussions and so on for cloth.

And to make a wolf-mask or bear-mask to cover your face in snowstorms. Or a rabbit- or beaver-mask of cause. Maybe combined with a hooded cape or something.

With regards to being able to drop the backpack, I would like to see that you could have different backpacks packed for different needs. Like having a backpack ready for hunting or for exploring instead or re-packing 1 backpack all the time.

And if you get caught out without a bedroll harvesting "granbar" (idk what to call that in english, but i guess spruce-branches or pine-branches) to lay on should be an option.

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