Suggestions, after 20 hours gameplay


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Let me be straight, this game is wonderful ! Yet, not perfect.

I found a few points that could have been solved or improved.

1. Drying System

I noticed the drying system was newly added to the game. It is great giving the crafting system a depth. However, it is fundamentally conflict with the game itself. In this game, if you are killed, you have to start over. But the shortest drying period is 6 days. Each day in the game is extremely long ( I spent over 1 and half hour in real life for a day in game for sure. I even doubt it will take more than two). So the cost of start over in drying system is unacceptable to me. The crafting system becomes too deep that unreachable. As a result, the early game experience appears to be more and more boring.

2. Tutorial

I haven't found any tutorial in this game while the die cost is extremely high. The tutorials are not necessarily to be overwhelming. Maybe a simple pause and brief instruction when I first meet a wolf or bear should be enough. For the latest game, I was killed by a wolf hiding inside the dam. I am not saying a wolf inside the building is bad, instead it is great, but I think I should be notified that not all houses are safe. Before this, every other indoor environment is safe and I think it is a good assume that "in this game, all indoor environments are safe".

3. Map and mark

One of the greatest point of this game is mapless. It brings reality to the game.

But still, can we make our own maps?

It is just stupid not having a map system at all. There will be a thousand ways to make a map by oneself WITHOUT a pen. And for a self made map, I can mark the safe house and dangerous zones.

The mark should not be limited on paper only. Why I cannot make some mark on the tree? on the stone? on the ice? It is too confusing to wander in wildness without any support.

4. Cloth

I am currently living in Edmonton. Temperature in winter can drop to -40 C. Yet, all my wearings have survived 2 winters now. So, why the hell in the game wearings are damaged so quickly ! I repaired all of them 3 times in 8 days!!!!! Unacceptable! If you want a way to consume harvested clothes, just make a richer crafting system !

5. Books

Books should be useful!! Not merely a fuel. Some can be "official maps", some can be recipes, some tells you how to avoid/beat wild animals. Or other things. It is just unreasonable to only have useless books in such a desert. Why those books are brought here at the first place?

Tha's all for now. I am starting a new round.

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