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Dear Sirs and Ladies,

I came across the game on my Xbox one and decided to give it a try but before I put out my hard earned money I first played the trial and.....IT WAS AMAZING! I Bought it within 3 minutes! It's the survival game we all have been waiting for! It's perfect to me but there is a few things I would like to see added in the future. Shelter building would be fantastic! Having the ability to build shelters and defenses from the ground up using the in game wood and other various materials would be great! Maybe some handguns and shotguns too, just to add some choices to our weaponry. I'm not an expert on Candian wildlife so I won't name specific species to avoid my own embarrassment but more diverse wildlife would really add more "life" to the game "Pun Intended." To my knowledge there is one trap in the game so maybe we could get a few more of those in the game. But it's a phenomenal game! A big thank you to the developers! And I'm looking forward to the future of "The Long Dark". I hope you read this and if you guys do thank you taking time to acknowledge my opinions.

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