Dissappearing items in PV basement after patch


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Hi Devs,

Im copying this from my post on the steam threads because I havent got a response there.

I had some issues with the Parallel Universe issue in the past and so far the patch has mostly fixed it. The problem I have now is that in the cellar of the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley, you can loot items, they will stay looted, but if you store anything in any of the containers (or at least the workshop table from my experience) when you come back the room will reset to a looted existence. All your items will have vanished.

Basically you can take stuff out from it but if you put stuff in and leave the room, the room will take what you have given it and hide it under its bed.

I lost 4 cured deer hides from this. And an antiseptic bottle which I used to test this.


Location: Pleasant Valley Farmhouse - Cellar

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Guest mcopeman

I haven't been able to replicate this. Could you please post your "save001" folder? it can be found in C:\Users\(Computer Name)\AppData\LocalLow\Hinterland\The Long Dark

Thanks for posting!


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