Painkillers and Medicine


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I apologise if this has been suggested before and if i am spamming the thread.

All of you have experienced it - Sprained ankle, Food poisoning - It's not a big threat when you have the necessary stuff to remove the effects.

That's all good but I would like to suggest something to Stalker mode.

Since it's the hardest difficulty, a big part of the activities need to be boosted in difficulty. I understand that it is alpha and there is just so much work to do but i'm just listing an idea which might get overlooked.

Medicine and Pkillers - The time they kick in must be extended.

There probably will be added some more healing techniques but for now, we need to focus on what we have.

I understand that this game is focusing on the Realism factor, so i think that this will add to it.

Not that much of a big change - for example the pain killers/Rose hips tea can kick in 30 min after


As for Antibiotics, i have nothing else to add, it's balanced well enough.

Bandages and Old man's beard have the effects balanced but i think it would be more interesting to add a "Freshly Bandaged" effect(LOL). The point of it is to boost the Risk factor. Just as meat's scent can be carried by wind, the fresh blood from your wounds can bring up predators. I noticed that when you bleed make a trail of blood - perfect lure material.


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