Handle the hatchet or prybar as a weapon


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I know that one can use the hatchet or the prybar in a close combat with a wolf. But well... then it's a bit too late to use it.

IRL, I think you would hold it, and first try to throw it on the wolf before it jumps on you.

I think you would also try to smash its head with a branch of wood before it reaches you.

For this reasons, I think we should be able to handle these objects as weapons the same way we handle the rifle : using them in prevention of the attack. What do you think ?

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I think that one day this will be in the game. Since a basic sharpened stick can be such a useful tool of survival, and the only way to properly implement such a thing would be to allow it to be used first person like the rifle, I think it is just a matter of time before you get your wish. ;)

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