Minor Environment and Texturing issues

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Hi Hinterland Folks,

Just was working on getting from CH to PV and was delighted to see the bug fix went through (Hooray!).

This is playing on Mac OS 10.10.3 and v.228

Hangup coming out of the Basement was not reproducable - Fluffy was walking for over 60 sec - Then the Skyscrapers appeared.

After in PV for a bit, I did notice some Environment issues, like those fancy new skyscrapers you put in (after long wait time exiting the PV Farmstead Basement)



But I do enjoy the new couture Backpack that is included during the menu screen. I want it.


Keep making the Most Awesome Alpha in Ages!


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Try verifying the game cache if you haven't done so. You can do that by going and right clicking on the game in Steam, go to properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Cache

This should sort out any corrupted or missing files. If that fails to fix or help at all, try a reinstall. If you have a save going that you wish to keep grab the save001 folder before you do this. You can grab this file at: Library/Caches/Hinterland/The Long Dark

You can just put that folder somewhere else while you reinstall then put it back in the same place once you've installed again.

I'll pass this log on and see if there is something else at play here.


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